My Story

         In 1988, as a child, John suffered a catastrophic brain injury and spent between eight and twelve weeks in a coma following a RTA.  This left him with hidden disabilities including chronic fatigue syndrome and neurological damage.  Consequently, he had many challenges and limitations in all aspects of life, having to learn to walk, talk, write and feed himself again.

         Embracing the challenges in equality he began working with disadvantaged people in the community as an adult championing people who didn’t have a voice.  He used the strategies that had helped him recover, for example setting up table tennis sessions for disabled young people to improve their coordination and giving talks in schools to raise awareness about brain injury to give young people a greater understanding and reduce the discrimination faced.  As well as facilitating opportunities for disabled people and supporting them to achieve their educational aims and objectives.  He continued to teach people with special needs. 

         Always keeping faith close to his motivations, he set off on a pilgrimage in 2020 visiting Cathedrals, Churches, Chapels and Shrines.  This has shaped his outlook and given clarity to his approach to writing as he analyses and projects for the future.

         Since his experience in a coma, he has always known God and credits the prayers and spiritual input during this time for his recovery and progress.  His personal experience with God stems from him having a conversation with God asking if he wanted to live and John saying he wasn’t sure because of all the negativity in the world.  God said, “OK, there’s a lot of people praying for you.  I’ll leave it with you”.  Some years later as a teenager and altar server, a vicar and friend said to him “God is in the people.” He recognises the strength of prayer and power in belief in the world and gave this input.  This is something he has explored in the poetry pamphlet ‘Hidden Depths’. 

About Me

John P Hindle lives in North Lancashire. He has a degree from the Faculty of Arts and Social Science at Durham University and studied for a Post Graduate Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education at UCLAN. He obtained a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Cumbria and has published his creative works in various magazines having also spent time as a writer in residence and tutor. John finds inspiration in collaborating with painters and sculptors. Over the years he has been a member of a number of different writing groups and in 2021 he set up a writing collective at King Street Arts in Lancaster with the proprietor. 2023 will see him launch his first Poetry Pamphlet ‘Hidden Depths’ following a three year collaboration with an abstract artist. The Hidden Depths Exhibition with John Baldwin’s paintings and John Hindle’s poems is at King Street Arts in Lancaster.